Four Colleagues Discuss Discourse

In this video clip you will see we switched our iPhone to record while four of us had a casual, colleague-to-colleague discussion about discourse and the challenges of creating a discourse-rich classroom. Prior to the conversation, the group had analyzed a video they captured the day prior in Navy Band, and you will see them reference that video analysis from time to time, as well as reference questions that emanated from a group of teachers visiting our micro school, Long-View, during a recent "Field Study Day."

Listen into this conversation between Cathy, Kaylie, Kevin, and Lisa and find your way to a better understanding about how these four educators think about discourse within the bands (i.e. classes) they teach, which in turn will get you thinking about the work you are doing in your own classroom in this area. You'll hear the group talk about the current dynamics of Navy Band in order to grapple with the student and teacher moves that help a group move towards a more sophisticated pattern of talking about mathematics.

Though the clip shown here is just the first quarter of the conversation, it may be interesting for you to ponder, on a more macro level, the evidence you see of the teaching culture at Long-View within this clip. Conversations like this happen all the time at our school because, more than anything, this is what we want to talk about. We spend a lot of time bouncing ideas off of one another, discussing, arguing (yes --arguing!!), and analyzing both our work and the work of the children.

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